Have an encounter with “Coastal Elegance”...

Introduce everyone to a superb backdrop of pristine sandy beach, a spectacular florida sunset, and cozy emerald green water. Panama City Beach events are refined, flowing affairs, and those are not words you frequently associate with an out-of-door beach gathering.

Panama City serves your wedding party the very best aspects of a Florida holiday, enchanting romance in the midst of leisure and fun. Experience a yachting excursion over the water, then take a run through the amazing nightlife.

Panama Beach Wedding Attire 

A traditional wedding veil isn't necessarily a great idea, given that beach areas are often a bit windy. A classy tiara, or even a simple wreath can replace a veil quite nicely.

Of course, you may prepare an alternative setting: A service performed inside a beach structure, satisfying the function of a traditional gazebo, can make for a totally sophisticated and old-fashioned event, the bride dressed in a long bright gown with a minimal train.

Panama Beach Wedding Colors 

Choice two-color combinations:
White Ivory
Ivory Coral
White Light Blue
Light Turquoise Dark Blue