Together We're Making Memories for a Lifetime.

A Miami Beach wedding. A handful of fragrant flowers. A champagne toast with your toes in the sand.

There are couples coming for garden weddings and touching commitment ceremonies. The ocean view with your love and and several of your closest friends. Your families toasting the beginning of your new life together in the gold & red of a Florida sunset.

Miami beach weddings. on the sand, and then afterward a fine dinner, the music that moves the city, and dancing for two. A Miami wedding offers you both the civilized and the wild.

Miami Beach Wedding Attire 

A shorter outfit is choice for this beach setting, one that cannot come into contact with the sand. As a bonus, your short gown is usually uncomplicated to deal with and enjoyable to have on in the beach setting. You can be certain that you won't need think about the material becoming wet during the photo shoot with your hubby on the shoreline.

Miami Beach Wedding Colors 

Choice two-color combinations:
Chocolate Pink
Ivory Light Blue
Pastel Green Dark Green
White Ivory

Miami Beach Menu Ideas 

Miami is urban, and absolutely loaded with great dining and reception entertainment of every kind.

We recommend that Miami Beach wedding couples leave the sand following the ceremony and stroll to one of the indoor-outdoor establishments on offer along the beach and hotel areas.