An Hawaii beach wedding is nature sublime.

Learn what miracles the hawaii surf and sand have waiting for the two of you...

The dazzling light blue sky complements the Pacific below. Nights are touched only by moon and starlight. Shorelines encourage every style, including naturel for anyone so inclined. Afternoons are brimming with exotic hues.... indigo, coral, magenta, azure, to mention a few. Scintillating fragrances of tuberose, ginger, gardenia, and more, waft through the air.

Hawaii Wedding Attire 

Keep in mind it's not necessary to don a traditional print! You are interested in beach casual that has a strong sense of attraction and style. Invest in a light, natural color and dresses that wrap around you. Think about sand, gentle wind, and a little bit of spray in the air.

Should you, however, want to make your beautiful hawaii wedding moments with the help of Hawaiian prints, shop for real thing, not tourist clothing, and get fresh, hand-prepared leis for each guest.

Hawaii Wedding Colors 

Choice two-color combinations:
Pastel Green Dark Green
White Ivory
Chocolate Pink
Ivory Light Blue
Chocolate Light Blue
Light Blue Pastel Green

Hawaii Menu Ideas 

You have come a long way to be here, and you want to experience all the culture and flavor of the Islands at your once-in-a-lifetime wedding blast.

We recommend a full luau feast!

You and your guests will never forget the sunset evening of your wedding, dancing around the Kalua pua'a (roast pork) on the beach as its prepared in an underground steam oven (Hawaiian imu).