Forever young...

Beach Weddings in Florida. A Florida beach romance is feeling your soulmate's fingers laced with your own, whilst standing in the growing shadow of a setting sun.

On the Coast and in the Keys. The delicate breeze blowing the water's edge, reflecting words of love and the feel of soft sugar white sand under your toes as you trade vows with one another. Florida beach ceremonies are outstanding; they bring together all the charming elements of a traditional american wedding vacation and more...

Florida Wedding Attire 

If you are planning your wedding for the Florida warmth, you are really one lucky bride; the greater part of the apparel you'll run across on her bridal search will be offered strapless or sleeveless... which of course makes them very well suited to Florida beach activities.

Look through light & lovely fabrics such as linens or a nice chiffon, a gauzy crape, and of course that other light fabric, silk.

Florida Wedding Colors 

Choice two-color combinations:
White Periwinkle
White Turquoise
Ivory Mocha
Ivory Light Blue

Florida Menu Ideas 

Summer wedding gatherings are absolutely the most popular in the state, and you have plenty of practical dining options from which to pick & choose.

Any summertime wedding celebration on the beach ought to be tasty, fresh, and above all, light. Always begin with appetizers that your guests can easily finger and carry about, and stick to salads that pair nicely with white wines.